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Unlimited Power

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Submitted by: JW from Ohio, USA
Regarding the comment:
Tony Robbins has good advice. In fact when one of my employees moves into a supervisor or sales role I give them a copy of one of his books. And I credit his motivational books with some of my financial success. However he misses one point that all motivational speakers miss: no not everyone succeed no matter how much you pump them up. Some people lack the basic skills. For example to suceed in a given business you need motivation but you also need
1. Experience in that industry, extensive experience.
2. An innovative idea.
3. Working capital.

This may help you:
1. Experience in that industry
Simple, learn & read everything you can

2. An innovative idea-
Great ideas come from great problems, you can also improve on current ideas

3. Working capital-
Even if you are broke you can still seek private investors &/or partners & even give them 3/4 of any funds just to get started